1870 Estate Appraisal for Ira Kent Guilford CT

Brandywine General Store

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An 1870 Estate Appraisal in Guilford, VT for Ira Kent showing prices of a lot of items on 2 long sheets for sale by Brandywine General Store. Our antique paper shows many interesting items and their prices including the 100 acre farm valued at 2,000.00. Some of the other items include hay, barley, corn fodder, cultivator, plows, potatoes, beans, 19 bushels of corn at 19.00. Some other items are basket 50 cents, 1 wagon 5.00 sleigh 2.00, winter apples 3.00, shoe makers tools 1.00, 2 hogs at 45.00, stove and furniture 7.00, clock 1.00, secretary 3.00, looking glass 1.00, wool 9.00, 1 gun at 50 cents and many more interesting items you can see the prices from 150 years ago. The food and livestock seems pretty high for the moneys available back then while the household items were very cheap. Goes to show foods were more important back in the day and more scarce.

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