Wouwerman Philips - Courtyard With a Farrier Shoeing A Horse Fine Art Print

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 17 old masters

An archival premium quality art print of Courtyard with a Farrier Shoeing a Horse painted by Philips Wouwerman in the year 1656 for sale by Brandywine General Store. The original of this oil on panel measures 18 1/4 by 22 inches and now resides at the Oulwich Picture Gallery in London England. The scene in the painting shows a farrier and his workman shoeing a beautiful white horse, upon which the owner left his red cloak and valise. The farrier's wife is at the door with a child by her side and another one still at the breast. Another woman is on top of the building with a basket of linens to hang out to dry. On the right is the road on which a shephers is returning with a flock of many sheep, followed by a girl carrying a lamb and a young man mounted on a donkey loaded with straw. This painting is 350 years old and shows wear including many cracks in the oil paint, these can not be taken out of the print without ruining the original intent of the artist.Old Masters art print #17

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