Wood Ibis by John James Audubon art print

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An archival premium Quality art Print of the Wood Ibis by John James Audubon for his orinthology book, The Birds of North America for sale by Brandywine General Store. This large water bird was picture or plate #216 in the first Havell edition of this Audubon ornithology tome. This picture shows a solitary bird, then in the background there is a flock of the birds in a swamp with islands behind them with trees and hanging moss, all of this in a green tint background, which makes the white bird stand out. Mr. Audubon says of the wood ibis - "This very remarkable bird, and all others of the same genus that are known to occur in the United States, are constant residents in some part of our Southern Districts, although they perform short migrations. A few of them now and then stray as far as the Middle States, but instances of this are rare; and I am not aware that any have been seen farther to the eastward than the southern portions of Maryland, excepting a few individuals of the Glossy and the White Ibises, which have been procured in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. The Carolinas, Georgia, the Floridas, Alabama, Lower Louisiana, including Opellousas, and Mississippi, are the districts to which they resort by preference, and in which they spend the whole year. With the exception of the Glossy Ibis, which may be looked upon as a bird of the Mexican territories, and which usually appears in the Union singly or in pairs, they all live socially in immense flocks, especially during the breeding season. The country which they inhabit is doubtless the best suited to their habits; the vast and numerous swamps, lagoons, bayous, and submersed savannahs that occur in the lower parts of our Southern States, all abounding with fishes and reptiles; and the temperature of these countries being congenial to their constitutions..." Audubon birds art print #216


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