White Crowned Pigeon Art Print by John James Audubon

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An archival premium quality art print of the White Crowned Pigeon by John James Audubon for his ornithology book The Birds of America for sale by Brandywine General Store. This bird was the 177th picture in the epic volume. Audubon portrays a pair of the white crowned pigeons or doves flying in a rough leaved cordia tree with bright orange blooms. Columba Leucocephala - Audubon says the following of the white crowned pigeon or dove "The White-headed Pigeon arrives on the Southern Keys of the Floridas, from the Island of Cuba, about the 20th of April, sometimes not until the 1st of May, for the purpose of residing there for a season, and rearing its young. On the 30th of April, I shot several immediately after their arrival from across the Gulf Stream. I saw them as they approached the shore, skimming along the surface of the waters, flying with great rapidity, much in the manner of the common house species, but not near each other like the Passenger Pigeon. On nearing the land, they rose to the height of about a hundred yards, surveyed the country in large circles, then with less velocity gradually descended, and alighted in the thickest parts of the mangroves and other low trees. None of them could be easily seen in those dark retreats, and we were obliged to force them out, in order to shoot them, which we did at this time on the wing. The principal difference between Pigeons and Doves, as to their habits, is, according to my observation, that the former generally build their nests close together on the same trees, which the latter never do. For this reason I place the present species among the Doves." Audubon Birds art print #177

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