Washington DC Obsolete Money Bank of District of Columbia Ten Dollars

Washington DC

SKU: DC Bank of District of Columbia ten 646

A rare ten dollar red tint note from the Bank of the District of Columbia issued November 01, 1858 from the Nation's Capitol grading choice crisp very fine. This beautiful note from Washington DC has a center vignette of a farmer with a scythe in his arm, a woman with a rake and a blacksmith with a hammer. A small child is looking thru his family at the smith. Justice is portrayed in the lower right corner. The serial number is 646 and the back is plain as issued. The ten dollar note is much rarer than the 5.00 bill from this series as a sheet consisted of 3 - 5s and only 1 ten dollar note. The picture shows the actual Bank of the District of Columbia obsolete 10.00 note that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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