Virginia Obsolete Currency Strickler and Gilmor Monterey


SKU: Strickler and Gilmore 10 cents 1349

This is a very rare piece of store scrip confederate money issued from Monterey Virginia by Strickler and Gilmore and is dated October 01, 1861. The note states that Strickler and Gilmore will pay to the bearer ten cents in current banknotes at their store in Monterey or at the Bank of the Valley at Staunton, when presented in sums of 5.00 or more. Monterey Virginia is located in Highland county and was at the very edge of the confederacy during the Civil War as the county borders West Virginia. Highland county is also the least populated of all the Virginia counties and even today, the county seat, Monterey has a population of less than 500. The reference on Virginia currency by Jones and Littlefield states that the rarity scale on this note is R6. This means that they estimate that only between 5 to 9 of these notes exist today. The condition is only good, but with a note of this scarcity it might not pay to wait for a better example. The picture shows the actual Strickler and Gilmore Monterey VA note that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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