Virginia Obsolete Currency Southern Change One Dollar Scrip


SKU: Southern Change Richmond

A One Dollar Obsolete Scrip from The Southern Change issued from Richmond Virginia  during the Civil War in 1862 and payable at the Basin Bank. A simple typeset note with scrolls at either end and the top center, the condition is fine. Signed by S. P. Cocke, who seems to have exaggerated somewhat on his money. The Virginia reference book on obsolete currency states that the Southern Change and Southern Remedy notes are some of the most interesting and curious of all the VA notes that were produced during the Civil War. The Basin Bank seems to be no more than a reference to the banks  that were located on the banks of the James River which flows past Richmond. Having the "Basin Bank" on his currency made it seem more legitimate. Nevertheless, this is a very interesting piece of Richmond Civil War history. The picture shows the actual VA obsolete note from The Southern Change that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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