Virginia Obsolete Currency Rockbridge County One Dollar Treasury Note


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One dollar note issued by the County of Rockbridge during the civil war in February 02, 1863 from historic Lexington. A canal scene is at the center showing horses pulling the barge across the river.The backs of this VA confederate money are plain and these are as per grade. This obsolete civil war currency states the following Payable In the county of Rockbridge will pay to bearer at the office of the county treasurer one dollar in bankable currency when presented in sums of five dollars. W. C. Lewis was the presiding justice. In early 1863 Rockbridge county issued 10,000.00 of these notes and the proceeds to be used for relief for the families of the Confederate soldiers. At that time the wife received a weekly allowance of 1.25, each girl over the age of twelve received 75 cents and each child under twelve received 50 cents. The county seat of Rockbridge county is Lexington, which is rich in Civil War history. We have more than one Rockbridge County Lexington Notes available for sale at Brandywine General Store but we have included a picture of each note that is currently in our stock.

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