Virginia Obsolete Currency City of Richmond Dime and Quarter Scrip


SKU: Richmond 10 and 25 cent pair

Obsolete Currency from the City of Richmond Virginia. This is a pair of nice 10 and 25 cents uncirculated notes issued during the Civil War on April 14, 1862. The 10 cents note is almost choice in appearance, the ink is still very dark and has excellent paper qualities. The 25 cent note is uncirculated but the upper right corner was not cut correctly, the ink is lighter and there are a couple pinholes and thin spots in the paper. According to Jones and Littlefield these Richmond confederate money notes are not rare, they have them listed at R1, which means over 200 probably still exist, however there are not nearly as many uncirculated examples, such as these. The picture shows the actual set of Richmond obsolete notes that are available for sale at Brandywine General Store. 

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