Virginia Obsolete Currency Manassas Gap Railroad Company 1.00 Fine



Alexandria, VA - Manassas Gap Rail Company $1 paper note from July 1, 1861. A beehive is seen at the top center of this antique currency that was printed on blue paper. The company was headquartered in Alexandria and was incorporated on March 9, 1850. This example has an endorsement in pencil on the back of this rare Civil War era note. This antique note states that Manassas Gap Rail Road Company, One Dollar. Payable in Virginia Bank Notes by the Treasurer to Bearer, or presentation of these due bills, in sums of Five Dollars. This Virginia Confederate Money is a dual collectible as not only Civil War enthusiasts are interested but also collectors of Railroad Memorabilia. The picture shows the actual Civil War era Railroad note that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.


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