Virginia Obsolete Currency George F Hupp One Dollar Scrip Note


SKU: G Hupp Winchester 1.00

One dollar obsolete money issued by George F. Hupp in 1839 from Winchester Virginia and payable at the Farmer's Bank of Virginia when presented in sums of five dollars. George Hupp supposedly ran a counting house in Winchester as was stated on this bill, however at the time the reference book was written on Virginia obsolete currency, no records had ever been found of this business and no signed notes have ever been seen. All known bills are remainders such as this one. A sailing ship is either end of this dollar and in the center is Ceres. The condition of this currency is almost uncirculated with a wide rough selvage at the top, the back is plain. The picture shows the actual George Hupp Winchester note that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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