Virginia Obsolete Currency Corporation of Charles Town fifteen cent note

West Virginia

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Charlestown, VA - now Charles Town, West Virginia. fifteen cent obsolete city note dated January 1, 1862. One of the famous Upham Facsimile counterfeit Notes issued during the Civil War by the North. The Union had these bills and others printed and flooded the South with them to wreck the southern wartime economy. Of course the border areas such as Charles Town West Virginia were the easiest places to do this. This bill still has crisp black ink printed on bluish-green paper. Graded fine with two small repairs on the back. The obsolete scrip states "State of Virginia Issue by an Act of the Corporation of April 30, 1861. Charlestown, January 1, 1862. Due by The Corporation of Charlestown, Fifteen Cents, Payable in current funds by Treasurer to the Bearer on presentation of these Bills in sums of Five Dollars. The picture shows the actual Charles Town WV Confederate counterfeit note that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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