Virginia Obsolete Currency Bank of City Petersburg Ten Dollars



Bank of the City of Petersburg $10 Obsolete Currency dated June 1, 1861. The Bank of the City of Petersburg had the misfortune to open its doors in 1860, hence with the outbreak of the Civil War the next year, this bank was only open a couple years before it had to close its doors. This is a beautiful red tint note produced by the American Bank Note Company and grades fine to very fine, with bright red tints, green ten and good over all centering. This confederate money is punch cancelled along the bottom as most examples from this short lived bank are. Red tint notes are becoming highly collectible and this is a good example. This obsolete note has an image of a woman and child at the top with another image of a man dressed up, sitting next to a hogshead of tobacco, probably getting ready to sell his tobacco crop. This civil war currency says that "The Bank of the City of Petersburg will pay to the bearer on demand Ten Dollars." The pictures show the actual Virginia Civil War banknote that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.


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