Van Gogh Vincent - Montmartre Windmills and Vegetable Gardens Art Print

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An archival premium Quality Art Print of Montmartre Windmills and Vegetable Gardens by Vincent Van Gogh for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artist painted this oil on canvas in March of 1887. It is also sometimes known as Montmartre Windmills and Allotments. Van Gogh painted the foreground of this view of Montmartre with a fine brush while the sky in the background was executed with broad brush strokes. This is one of the works he completed during his first excursion through Montmartre which at this time was still somewhat rural and retained some of the characteristics of a village. The windmills were famous and were a favorite among the city residents for a day trip to sight see. The largest mill in the painting, Le Blute - Fin had a pavement cafe affording a magnificent view over Paris. At the top of the windmill was a viewing platform in which you could climb and view all the city and country sights. Around the mills were various establishments and dance halls catering to all the tourists from the city. Alas, you can already see the beginnings of modernization of this quaint village, rising above the fields at the left of the smaller windmill is a large apartment building. In front of the windmills are the small vegetable gardens or allotments in which you can see a couple of gardeners working in their plots. Famous artists print #109

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