Texas Confederate Money CR43 155.00 Military Treasury Warrant


SKU: TX Military Warrant 155 dollars 449

A Texas Civil War Treasury Warrant with the amount of 155.00 handwritten, which was for military service to a Mr. Luck. This bill was issued during the Civil War on December 01, 1862 from Austin. The serial number is 449 and the grade is uncirculated with pen cancel and was written for the amount of 155.00. Please note that there is some minor ink erosion in the pen cancellation, which is fairly common for this series. This Texas confederate money is listed by Criswell as CR43, which means that it was used for military service. The vignette on the left is an armed Indian maiden who is standing and shielding her eyes, the center portrays Ceres seated with grain and farm implements along with a steamboat in the distance. The picture shows the actual Texas Civil War Treasury Military warrant that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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