T-71 Confederate Money Clement C. Clay 1.00 Almost Uncirculated


SKU: 16561

A nice upper grade almost uncirculated example of the 1.00 Confederate money featuring Clement C. Clay. This note was issued during the latter part of the Civil War on February 17th, 1864 at Richmond Virginia. Clay was a Senator from Alabama for the South during the Civil War. This note was payable two years after the ratification of a peace treaty between the United States and the Confederate States. Unfortunately for the holders of these notes, this never occurred. After the war all monies printed by the Confederate States of America became worthless overnight. Due to this and other reasons, the largest majority of all Confederate Notes were destroyed shortly after the Civil War. Even though there were big mintages of the later issues, that doesn't mean all those notes are still around today. This listing is for a grouping of nice average almost uncirculated bills of the T71. We have included a picture of each of the T-71 one dollar CSA treasury bills that we currently have available for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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