T-70 Judah P. Benjamin Confederate Money EF to AU



A nice example of the Type 70 Confederate Money that features Judah P. Benjamin who was known as the "Brains of the Confederacy". A small oval portrait of Benjamin is on the right while in the center is a fancy medallion with a large 2 inside. The backs of the T-70 are plain as it was considered to extravagant to print backs on such a small denomination bill during the last part of the Civil War. By this point, two dollars was practically nothing due to the rapidly declining value of Confederate Money. These bills were engraved by Keatinge and Ball of Columbia, South Carolina with 932,800 being issued. These are fairly common in all grades today. We have more than one type 70 confederate money Treasury Bills available for sale at Brandywine General Store but we have included a picture of each note we currently have in stock.

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