T-69 Confederate Money Five Dollars Richmond Capitol Uncirculated



Type 69 confederate money 5.00 Treasury Bill featuring the VA state capitol building in Richmond and C. G. Memminger, secretary of the Treasury of the CSA. This note is from the common 7th series of currency of the Confederate States of America that was issued during the latter part of the Civil War in 1864. This grouping of notes will be uncirculated but will have trims that go past the frame line into the note in varying degrees. This obsolete civil war currency was printed on a pink paper with varying shades thereof. The issue date is February 17, 1864, this CSA currency is still common and a good place for beginning collectors to start their confederate money collection. We have more than one T-69 Bills available for sale at Brandywine General Store, however we have included a picture of each note that we currently have in stock.

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