T-68 Confederate Money Ten Dollars Horse & Artillery Almost Uncirculated



Type 68 confederate money which is the ten dollar denomination of the more common 7th issue of CSA currency that was issued during the year of 1864.  The center vignette is horse drawn artillery and in the lower right corner is a portrait of R. M. T. Hunter, who served for a short time as the Secretary of State for the Confederate States of America and then later served as a southern senator. The type 68 confederate money had fance blue designs on the back which was supposed to help with counterfieting, which was rampant with the southern currency during the Civil War. These notes were issued February 17, 1864 from Richmond Virginia. We have a couple dark pink notes that we have included a separate picture of each one and a nice AU example that has a small stain in the signature. Our regular grouping of this bill we have just included a generic picture of one that is currently in stock at Brandywine General Store, but all have a nice but tight border with no cuts into the design and are choice in appearance.

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