T-65 Confederate Money One Hundred Dollars Lucy Pickens Uncirculated



A type 65 example of confederate money that features Lucy Pickens in the center in the denomination of one hundred dollars. This CSA currency is uncirculated and the printing and color is as crisp as it was when printed almost 150 years ago, the only thing keeping this treasury note from choice is the trim, which is uneven. This note is Criswell sub type CR493 Series 1, and the new PF number is T65, PF2. This note has a reddish tint and a treasury stamp in the upper left corner. This Confederate Money was issued from Richmond Virginia during the Civil War on February 17, 1864. The left vignette are figures portraying the army and artillery branches of the military and on the right is a portrait of George Wythe Randolph, who served the Confederate States of America as secretary of war during the Civil War. The picture shows the actual type 65 confederate money that is for sale at Brandywine General Store, in addition the fancy blue back of this obsolete civil war currency can be viewed in the photograph gallery.
CSA Serial #76,751

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