T-60 Confederate Money Five Dollars Memminger Uncirculated with Date Stamps



Confederate Money Type 60 featuring C. G. Memminger on the right and the capitol at Richmond in the center grading uncirculated with a couple small aging spots. This confederate money example has the desirable red date stamps on the front, which adds to the value. C. G. Memminger was the Secretary of the treasury for the confederacy during most of the Civil War. This CSA Obsolete Currency was issued from Richmond Virginia on April 06, 1863 and 7,745,600 notes were produced. These notes are common today in all grades. We have more than one T60 Notes available for sale at Brandywine General Store with the date stamps and in uncirculated condition. We have included a picture of each of the Treasury Bills we currently have in stock. The backs of these pieces confederate money are very ornate, with a big Roman V in the center and 5 smaller 5s in medallions and all in a fancy blue design.

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