T-59 Confederate Money SC Capitol Building Ten Dollars VF


SKU: Serial #100232

A type 59 example of confederate money in the denomination of ten dollars which was printed during the middle part of the Civil War on April 6, 1863 from Richmond Virginia. The proposed capitol building for South Carolina is portrayed in the center vignette and in the bottom right corner is R. M. T. Hunter who served as secretary of state for the Confederacy as well as a Senator for the CSA. This Rebellion note will grade very fine with crisp paper and nice dark crisp printing, there is a printing crinkle on the right side of the bill. A nice red September 1863 date stamp is at the right side. The picture shows the actual type 59 confederate money that is for sale at Brandywine General Store, in addition a view of the blue back of this obsolete civil war currency can be seen in the photograph gallery.

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