T-49 Confederate Money 100 Dollars Lucy Pickens Very Fine


SKU: Serial #116775

A type 49 example of Confederate Money featuring Lucy Pickens on the 100.00 Treasury Bill issued from Richmond, the Capitol of the Confederacy on December 02, 1862. Lucy Pickens, the wife of the South Carolina Governor, is the portrait in the center. In the early collecting years of confederate money this woman was thought to be Mrs. Jefferson Davis, but in later years was proven to be Lucy Pickens. At the left are figures representing the Army and Artillery branches of the military. The figure at the right is George Wythe Randolph the CSA secretary of war. The T-49 bill was the first note of the 5th series of currency issued by the Confederate States of America. The condition is Very Fine, with tight but even centering, with all the black frame line showing. The paper quality is also excellent. The type 49 Lucy Pickens Confederate money is the first CSA 100.00 bill to have a design on the back. There are 2 large green medallions, each with 100, also the terms of the note are printed in the center. This back shows a couple ink spots that are visible from the front signatures. These are not holes, just ink spots. The designation of this currency is Criswell number 348 and Fricke T-49 PF-2, which means that this note is printed on paper with the CSA watermark with the wavy design and has no series on the front and 628,640 were issued by Keatinge and Ball of Columbia South Carolina on high quality bank note paper. The picture shows the actual front and back of Type 49 Lucy Pickens Confederate Money that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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