T-44 Confederate Money Lucy Pickens One Dollar Uncirculated



A Lucy Pickens 1.00 Confederate States of America note. The left vignette shows a female representing Liberty standing by a shield, the center is an old steam ship along with a sailing ship in the background. The right vignette is of Mrs. Lucy Pickens, who was the wife of the South Carolina governor. Issued from the capitol of the Confederacy, Richmond Virginia on June 02, 1862. The conditions of these CSA notes is almost uncirculated with light pencil marks of 341 on the back by an old time collector. There were 1,689,860 of these one dollar Treasury notes printed by B. Duncan of Columbia South Carolina. Mrs. Pickens must have been a very popular woman in the old South, she is on several issues of Confederate Currency. We have more than one of this group of bills available for sale at Brandywine General Store, but we have included a picture of each note we currently have in stock.

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