T-41 Confederate Money One Hundred Dollars John C. Calhoun Choice EF



Type 41 Interest bearing confederate money in the denomination of 100.00. This note features John C. Calhoun who was the Father of States Rights on the left hand side. This obsolete civil war money has a much nicer appearance than extra fine but it has a broad fold down the center. The paper is still very crisp and the margins are almost perfect and the printing is still very dark. There is a handwritten date of August 30, 1862. On the back of this Confederate Money are two interest paid stamps, the 1863 stamp is from Knoxville Tennessee and the 1864 stamp is from Richmond Virginia. The picture shows the actual Type 41 confederate money that is for sale at Brandywine General Store, in addition a view of the back of this obsolete civil war currency can be viewed.

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