T-28 Confederate Money PF10 Ceres & Commerce 10.00 AU


SKU: Serial #59098

Type 28 Civil War Currency being the 10.00 bill issued September 02, 1861. This is a nice upper grade example which will grade almost uncirculated. This note is almost choice, except for the fact that there are a couple very small pinholes, which are almost unnoticeable. The Confederate States of America issued 1,074,980 of this Type 28 note, it is common in the lower grades, but is getting harder to find in the upper grades and the price rises appreciably when you get to the extra fine and above condition. Pierre Fricke in his new book on Civil War Currency categorizes this particular note as PF - 10. The T-28 featured Ceres, goddess of agriculture and Commerce with an urn on the left vignette. At the right was a locomotive. The T-28 was a lower quality note produced by both Hoyer and Ludwig and J. T. Patterson and was issued from January 23, 1862 through December 13, 1862. It was printed on low quality paper, which did not wear well. The picture shows the actual type 28 Confederate Money that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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