T-24 Confederate Money VF RMT Hunter & Child Ten Dollars Very Fine



Confederate Money Type 24 featuring R. M. T. Hunter and Child. Criswell lists this as Variety Cr 156 and Fricke has this as T24 PF1, which means it is printed on plain paper and Leggett, Keatinge and Ball were the engravers. This note still has a bright red orange overprint and appears to be a better grade note than very fine, when you first look. There is a trace of age toning, 1 small pinhole and some fold marks, mainly visible from the back, but has excellent even margins. R. M. T. Hunter is on the left side of this Confederate Money, he was the secretary of state for the Confederacy. The child on the right side is Dr. Alfred L. Elwyn. No one knows why Dr. Elwyn was used on this confederate note as he was a Philadelphia Minister, a unionist, a Republican, and an abolitionist. You would not expect some one with these credentials to be on money from the Confederate States of America, so this is one of the mysteries of the South of the Civil War era. This Note was produced on high quality bank note paper in plain and red fiber papers. The picture shows the actual T-24 Confederate Money that is available for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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