T-24 Confederate Money VF-EF RMT Hunter & Child Ten Dollars


SKU: Serial #17584

A beautiful example of Type 24 confederate money featuring RMT Hunter and the child on the right hand side is Reverend Dr. Alfred L. Elwin. This was a strange and as of yet unexplained picture to put on Confederate Money as Dr. Elwin grew up to be a strict abolitionist, a Republican and a minister in the city of Philadelphia. So another mystery of Confederate Currency. This T-24 note has full margins and beautiful dark printings along with bright red overprints. The only faults keeping this from a full extra fine grade are a couple to many folds, which are mainly only noticeable on the back and a couple pinholes in the upper right corners. This is a note to put in a better Confederate Money collection, even though the grade is only VF-EF, the appearance is very choice. The Type 24 is a ten dollar denomination and was issued on September 2, 1861 from Richmond Virginia. Only 278,400 were originally issued by the CSA government. The back of the Type 24 is plain, but since this is a high dollar note, you can view a picture of the back in the photograph gallery. The picture shows the actual T-24 CSA currency that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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