T-22 Confederate Money Indian Family 1861 PCGS Fine 15


SKU: Serial #1208

A nice Type 22 example of the Indian Family Confederate Money slabbed by PCGS at Fine 15. There are no faults with this note, only a good bit of usual wear. Type 22 is another of the beautiful red tint bills that were produced by the Southern Bank Note Company in New Orleans and is a ten dollar denomination. Type 22 CSA currency was issued on September 2, 1861 from Richmond Virginia and the CSA government only printed 58,806, so this is a scarce note. Thetis is featured on the left vignette, holding the scepter of Neptune which represented sovereignty of the seas. This was a dream for the Confederacy, since they never really ruled the seas. The center has an Indian family with the chief holding a bow and tomahawk and on the right is a woman holding an ear of corn with an X which represents the ten dollars. This is the sesquicentennial of the Civil War so people are starting to notice confederate money more as they want souvenirs of the civil war. The picture shows the actual type 22 confederate money that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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