T-16 Confederate Money Jefferson Davis Fifty Dollars Choice Fine



Confederate Money 50.00 Type 16 featuring Jefferson Davis. The Confederacy issued 4 different 50.00 notes with Jefferson Davis, the only President the Confederate States of America had, and this is the first one. Criswell lists this variety as Cr 87, the PF number is T16 PF 7, which has the Engraver's name above Fundable and on paper that is not watermarked and is rated scarce. This example is graded Fine and has a very nice appearance for a fine note, the borders are even all around, the green tints are still fairly green, however there is one pinhole to the left of Jefferson Davis. This Confederate Money was engraved by Keatinge and Ball from Richmond, Virginia on September 02, 1861. The back was plain and this Confederate Money example shows folds and etc as per grade. The picture shows the actual Type 16 CSA obsolete money that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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