T-16 Confederate Money Jefferson Davis Fifty Dollars 1861 PCGS 20 VF


SKU: Serial #8417

A type 16 example of confederate money which has been certified by PCGS at Very Fine 20. This fifty dollar bill was the first CSA currency to feature the President Jefferson Davis. This note has a light stain in the upper left corner and some age spots, however they were not bad enough to receive a negative qualifier from PCGS. A lot of these type 16 currencies were cut cancelled, but this one is not. A nice looking bill, even though showing wear commensurate with the condition, the overprints are still dark and green and there is mostly a full border all the way around, so a good note for the money. The CSA government printed 426,016 of these notes and the issue date is September 2, 1861. The picture shows the actual type 16 confederate money that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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