T-14 Confederate Money 50.00 Treasury Bill Moneta by Chests


SKU: Serial #4822

Confederate Money type 14 featuring Moneta setting by treasure chests. Criswell has this note as variety CR 65, Fricke has it as T14 PF4, which means there is a big D plate letter to the upper right of the A. This bill grades very fine but has faults. There is ink erosion through the bill causing a split and large aperture in the for Treasurer's signature, there is also a corner nick at the lower left corner and the bill has darkened over the years, however the paper is still crisp with only a couple pinholes. The Type 14 Confederate money was issued by Hoyer and Ludwig on September 2nd 1861 during the Civil War at Richmond Virginia. There were 479,660 issued and this confederate money is common today in all grades except choice white uncirculated. The picture shows the actual Confederate Money type 14 that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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