T-10 Confederate Money 10.00 Liberty & Eagle PMG 6 Good Net



Type 10 confederate money examples are fairly rare as only 170,994 were originally issued on July 25, 1861, professionally graded by PMG at net good 6, the net comes from the red ink stain that is in the lower right corner. The vignettes on this Civil War currency were Commerce on the left signifying hope, in the center was portrayed Liberty with the American eagle and the first national flag of the confederacy. This type was printed on thick bond paper which did not wear well, consequently these are very hard to obtain in the upper grades and conditions.  Since the serial numbers were printed in red, I would imagine that the red ink was spilled onto this note during its production at the CSA treasury office. Memminger probably wasn't very happy with the wasted ink. All in all though still a decent looking bill which will fill your space in the album until a better example comes along. The picture shows the actual Type 10 Confederate Currency that is available for sale at Brandywine General Store.

CSA Serial #39307

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