T-09 Confederate Money 20.00 Sailing Ship Fine



A Type 9 example of Confederate Money, Sailing Ships, issued from the CSA Capitol of Richmond VA on July 25, 1861 and grades Fine. The margins are great on 3 sides of this bill but is tight at the top, there is also a small internal split where the fold marks join in the exact center of the note and another small aperture on the right side. The back is plain with an old time tape repair  on the left side, small figures written in the corners and fold and wear as per grade. Criswell designated this type 09 bill as Number 27 and Fricke as PF4, which all means this variety has the large XX in the lower right corner, the for before treasurer is printed and the plate letters are Cc. This is one of the rarer varieties of type 9 Confederate Money. The total number produced of all examples of Type 9 was 264,988 by Hoyer and Ludwig. It was during the printing of this issue that the Confederate States officials realized that the treasurer and registrar could not possibly sign all the notes that the government was issuing, so substitute signers were utilized. This created several different varieties of this issue. The picture shows the actual Type 9 Confederate Money that is available for sale at Brandywine General Store

Serial #9929

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