T-09 Confederate Money 20.00 Sailing Ship F-VF



Type 9, Criswell CR29B Confederate Money with the Sailing Ships issued from Richmond, VA on July 25, 1861 grading Fine - Very Fine. The border is slightly cut in the upper right corner and the bill also has a couple very small pinholes. The back of this note is plain but has a capitol P written by an old time collector of long ago and also a small 29 written in pencil. Grover Criswell designated this currency as 29B which means there is a large XX at the bottom right side, a plate letter of Ccc, for treasurer is printed and the paper used was thick bond paper. The CSA Government issued 264,988 of these bills in 1861. The picture shows the actual Type 9 Confederate Currency that is available for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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