South Carolina Revenue Bond Scrip Set 4 Notes EF


SKU: Set 4 SC Revenue Bonds

A group of 4 South Carolina Revenue Bond Scrip notes which were issued from Columbia, South Carolina on March 2nd, 1872. This set of reconstruction money has all darkened considerably and are not in the best of condition for South Carolina Revenue Bond Scrip. The condition will average around extra fine or so. The ten dollar bill has a small corner missing and the twenty has a tape repair in the lower right corner. The tape has darkened and shows on the front and back. This obsolete money might have been improperly stored in PVC holders by an early collector. Overall this reconstruction money still has a decent appearance and is a good way to buy a cheap set of 4 notes at one time for only 20.00 a note. The picture shows the actual set of SC Revenue scrip bonds that are for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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