South Carolina Obsolete Currency CR18 Fifty Dollars Crisp Uncirculated



South Carolina 50.00 Obsolete Currency from the 1873 issue featuring George Washington in the center and were made by the American Bank Note Company. Up until a few years ago these reconstruction era notes were considered extremely rare with only a handful of examples existing and not many collectors could acquire one of these beautiful notes. However a couple years ago the State of South Carolina found a hoard of these notes in their holdings, thus making them available to the average collector. The front of the note states the following "Certificate of Indebtedness. The State of South Carolina Columbia SC, December 1st, 1873. This certifies that the State of South Carolina is indebted to the Republican Printing Company or Bearer in the sum of Fifty Dollars. There is a red machine printed serial number of 950. There is a fancy green back with many geometric figures with several fifitys printed within each. In the center is a frame with the terms of the bill. The actual front and back of this South Carolina Obsolete Money is shown that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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