South Carolina Confederate Money Cheraw 15 cents scrip


SKU: SC Cheraw 15 cents

A 15 cent note from the Corporation of Cheraw that was issued during the Civil War era on August 2, 1861. According to the South Carolina reference book by Sheehen, this is a bogus note that was issued during the rebellion years. It is a scarce note with approximately only between 16 to 25 still known to exist. At the left is an arm and hammer, in the center is a railroad train and at the right is a beehive with bees swarming around. All these items were to signify strength and industry. On the back of this obsolete money is a blue confederate flag, which is nicely printed. Even though this is a bogus note, they are still highly collectible since they are contemporary to the civil war period. Also this is an odd denomination being the 15 cents issue. The grade is F-VF, with a much nicer appearance, however there are a couple small edge splits and nicks at the top border. The note states the following: Due by the corporation of Cheraw fifteen cents payable in South Carolina bank notes to bearer on presentation of these due bills in sums of five dollars. The picture shows the actual South Carolina confederate money that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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