Selby's Flycatcher by John James Audubon

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An archival premium Quality art Print of the Selby's Flycatcher by John James Audubon or also known as the Hooded Warbler for sale by Brandywine General Store. This artwork was for his ornithology masterpiece The Birds of America. This small songbird was plate or picture number 09 in the Havell first edition of this book. The picture shows a brightly yellow colored male specimen of the bird setting in a red flower called Flos - Adonis. Muscicapa Selbii - Audubon says the following about the Selby's Flycatcher "The Southern and Western States are those to which this beautiful bird gives a preference. It abounds in Louisiana, along the Mississippi, and by the Ohio nearly to Cincinnati. It is equally plentiful in the northern parts of the Floridas, Georgia, and the two Carolinas, after which it becomes rare. None, I believe, are ever seen east of the State of New York. It enters the lower parts of Louisiana about the middle of March, and by the beginning of May has laid its eggs, or sometimes even hatched them. It arrives in South Carolina in April, immediately constructs its nest, and has young quite as soon as in Louisiana. The Hooded Flycatcher is one of the liveliest of its tribe, and is almost continually in motion. Fond of secluded places, it is equally to be met with in the thick cane brakes of the high or low lands, or amid the rank weeds and tangled bushes of the lowest and most impenetrable swamps. You recognize it instantly on seeing it, for the peculiar graceful opening and closing of its broad tail distinguishes it at once, as it goes on gambolling from bush to bush, now in sight, now hid from your eye, but constantly within hearing...." Audubon Birds art print #09

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