Robesonia Redware Seafoam Pennsylvania Dutch Crock

Robesonia Redware

SKU: 36 Redware Crock

A Seafoam Pennsylvania Dutch Redware Crock, this Robesonia Redware green and blue folk art pottery sets about 5" high with a diameter of 4 3/4". This versatile piece of redware could be used easily in the kitchen as a utensil crock or any other number of uses. The owners of Robesonia Redware are former employees of the famed Lester Breininger Pottery Works. The small seafoam crock is signed on the bottom "Robesonia Redware - May 16, 2016 - Cloudy" with PA in a keystone. You can order from Brandywine General Store with confidence, we wrap all our redware and pottery carefully as well as carry insurance on each package.

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