Pennsylvania Dutch Dower Chest Art Print

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 29 folk art

An archival premium Quality Art Print of a Pennsylvania Dutch Dower Chest for sale by Brandywine Genearal Store. This chest was a nice one, made for Maria Stohlern in 1788. The dower chest was what a bride brought with her to the new home with her husband. Usually the wealthier, or maybe sometimes, how good a carpenter depended on how fancy these chests were made. The more ornate painted ones were usually a sign of wealth on the bride's family part. This might be the major part of the new couple's furniture for several years until they started making money on their own. There were no credit cards or borrowing to furnish a house when newly married, they waited to buy until they could afford it. These fancier dower chests that have survived with their original paint intact bring enough money now to almost buy a home for the newlyweds. Folk art print #29

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