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A Museum Quality Botanical Print of the Vanda Sanderiana Orchid by Frederick Sander who used this illustration for his book on orchids entitled Reichenbachia, which was published around 1890, this particular flower was tab or picture number 62. The Vanda Sanderiana is a variety of Euanthe Sanderina which is considered to be the "Queen of the Phillipine Flowers". The Vanda sanderiana was described in the Gardeners Chronicle in 1887 thus "the plant's flower size is smaller than that of the species. Its lateral sepals are yellowish green with white margins. Its dorsal sepal and petals are white with purple spots at the base. The labellum has purple dots. This plant was reported on Mindanao Island where it grows as an epiphyte at elevations up to 1500 feet. This variety is now extremely rare in its natural habitat. From another source is the account of the discovery of this orchid. In 1882 one of Mr. Sander's explorers by the name of Roebelin was dispatched to the Phillipines to search for new species of orchids. One day as a guest of a savage chieftan southeast of Mindanao he found himself accommodated in a tree house which was perched high in the canopy of a particularly large tree so to be well out of the way of wild animals. In the night, he awoke to a deep roar and found his tree swaying wildly, it quickly became apparent that an earthquake had shook the forest. All his companions were thrown to the ground and the ladder was also destroyed, leaving him isolated in the ruins of the tree house. When dawn finally came, he lay back gazing forlornly through a hole in the remnants of the roof of his tree house, when he noticed some very large flowers of a lilac and cinnamon coloring growing in the very tree he had chosen as his campsite. Climbing up he identified the orchid as a new species and named it Vanda Sanderiana.

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