North Carolina Obsolete Currency CR-125 3.00 State Treasury Serial 18

North Carolina


Raleigh, NC - State of North Carolina $3 Note dated January 1, 1863. Cr. 125. This obsolete Confederate bill features the word three, turned vertically on either side with a patterned design in the background of each word. The center image is a portrayal of Liberty standing with Prosperity, who is seated by the cornucopia. This confederate money has Raleigh Issued under Act ratified 20th Dec. 1862 Receivable in payment of all public dues 1st Jan. 1863 The State of North Carolina Will Pay Three Dollars to Bearer Redeemable at the Treasury on or before the First Day of January 1866. At Brandywine General Store we have more than one of these NC treasury notes with the serial number of 18, they are all cut from the same sheet. They never circulated in the public, but will only grade almost uncirculated. There is aging of the paper on the edges and a stray small ink spot here and there, which is probably why this sheet wasn't used during the Civil War. Low digit numbers such as these bills are scarce.

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