New Jersey Obsolete Scrip Veer & Rowley Certified PMG 20



A twenty five cents fractional currency note from Veer and Rowley, which is professionally slabbed by PMG at very fine 20, with the qualifiers punch cancelled and tear. The tear is slight and is not very noticeable. This scrip might be from New York instead of New Jersey, on the back is a stamp that says South Trenton New York, but PMG has it listed on the holder as New Jersey, so I am listing it as such. On the left is a vignette of an Indian and a red 25 is in the center. The terms of the note are as follows: Veery and Rowley, Merchants will pay the bearer on demand at their store twenty five cents in currency bank bills when presented in sums of one dollar and upwards. The issue date is November 15, 1862 from South Trenton. The picture shows the actual New Jersey scrip from Veer and Bradley that is for sale at Brandywine General Store, in addition you can see the back and the stamp from New York on the back in the photograph gallery.

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