New Jersey Obsolete Money Merchant's Bank 2.00 PCGS 20


SKU: NJ Merchant's Bank 2 dol 3949

A two dollar note from the Merchant's Bank of Trenton New Jersey dated November 20, 1861 with General Winfield Scott. This is the signed and dated issue which is more scarce than the non signed non dated notes. This is a great piece of Civil War Americana because in the center is a big portrait of General Winfield Scott, so this is desirable to a variety of collectors. The Merchant's Bank was a very short lived bank, operating only in the years of 1861 and 1862, they only produced 1.00, 2.00 and 3.00 notes in their 2 years of operation. This obsolete banknote has been professionally graded by PCGS at very fine 20. The picture shows the actual New Jersey Union Obsolete money that is for sale.

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