New Jersey Civil War Scrip Key Port Steamboat 25 cents 1862


SKU: NJ Key Port Steamboat 24

A rare piece of Civil War Scrip from the state of New Jersey in the denomination of twenty five cents. This bill was issued by the Key Port and Middletown Point Steamboat company and was redeemable at the Farmer's and Merchant's Bank at Middletown Point, New Jersey and is dated November 20, 1862. There is a vignette of a large steam boat in the left corner. The serial number of this obsolete money is 24 and it is signed by the treasurer H. H. Seabrook. The condition is very good with a lot of wear and also a small piece out of the right side along with other border damage of various degrees. The backs of this New Jersey civil war scrip were plain, this one shows wear as per grade along with a couple pencil markings. A very collectible piece of Civil War scrip. The picture shows the actual New Jersey Union Currency that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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