New Hampshire Obsolete Currency Salmon Falls Bank 1.00 PMG 65

New Hampshire

SKU: NH Salmon Falls Bank PMG 65 EPQ

A one dollar Obsolete banknote from the Salmon Falls Bank of NH professionally certified by PMG at 65 gem uncirculated with excellent paper quality. The Salmon Falls Bank of Rollinsford New Hampshire opened its doors in the year 1853 and closed sometime during the 1860s, its fate is unknown. Even though this is a remainder and undated, we know it is from the period of the 1860s and would have been in use during the Civil War period. The Salmon Falls Bank was a not a big issuer of notes. On the face it is stated that The president, directors and Co. of The Salmon Falls Bank will pay one dollar on demand to the bearer. Rollinsford. The back of this obsolete currency is plain and this one is choice as per grade. The picture shows the actual obsolete civil war currency that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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