Nebraska Obsolete Currency Western Exchange Insurance Two Dollar Note


SKU: NE Western Exchange 2 dol 8903

A Two dollar obsolete bill from Nebraska issued by the Western Exchange Fire and marine Insurance Company from Omaha City Nebraska on November 2, 1857. Even though the note is numbered it was not issued, as the president and secretary did not sign. This particular piece of scrip was actually a certificate of deposit, it was deposited by Bishop Hill Colony. There are two Indian vignettes, the large one in the center is of an Indian with his horse looking down into the valley at a large train passing through. The other vignette is at the right corner and shows an Indian setting in front of his tepee. At the lower left is an unknown man, who was most likely the president or some officer of the issuing company. A great piece of early obsolete money with Indian vignettes, which are highly collectible unto themselves. The grade is uncirculated and has a machine stamped serial number of 8903. The picture shows the actual obsolete currency that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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