Mullein, Borage Leaf - Botanical Print

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An archival premium quality art print featuring the Borage Leaf Mullein which was published in Volume 7 of The Botanical Magazine for sale by Brandywine General Store. This popular flower and plant journal was first printed on August 01, 1793. This antique looking print shows the leaves of a small plant with 2 flowering stems with purple blooms, with some of the roots showing at the bottom. This Mullein plant was desribed thusly - Most of the plants of this genus are tall, this one however is of humble growth, rarely exceeding six inches in heigth. The flowers are large in proportion to the plant, starting to bloom in May and continuing for several months, with a bluish purple color. A very hardy plant being especially desirable for planting in rock work, native to the Pyrenean Alps. Verbascum Myconi Botanical art print #14

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