Missouri Defence Bonds CR20 Obsolete Currency 50.00 Note



An Obsolete Fifty Dollar Requisition for Missouri Defence Bond issued by the secessionist government while in exile. The exact purpose of these bonds has been lost to history, but it is widely believed that they were printed to pay the troops fighting for the Confederate States of America. The designation of this MO currency is Criswell #20, it is estimated between 800 to 1500 still exist today. The vignette on the left is Ceres setting in the midst of a grain field, at the right is a farm scene with a slave carrying cotton and an overseer in the background, at the bottom right is the state seal of Missouri. The back of this bill has a fancy green back but due to the thinness of the paper, the colors bleed thru from front to back. The picture shows the actual Missouri Secessionist Bond that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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